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From: Leroy and Liyun (
Date: 05/21/02

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Dear AM de Lange and all fellow learners,

> >I don't pity that family. Not many family has that chance,
> >or i call it opportunity, to experience the extremes of life.
> >If they are able to treasure this chance of a lifetime, make
> >full use of it by moulding their characters to be stronger
> >each day, they will be able to see success in no time.
> This family is certainly experiencing the extremes of life.


> >I've this for that family. It accompanied me through
> >the hardest times in my younger days:
> >
> >"Every minute, every second,
> > Should always be filled full of hope,
> > Just like the Morning Sun."
> We also say to them to keep on hoping for a better job. She has
> no time to search for one. So far we could not find one. Thus she
> is fast losing hope.

What I had shared, is not to further condemn that poor family, towards the
path of hell. It's fate, or what the Buddhist and Hindus termed as Kharma,
that their path crosses yours and the whole group of learners in this
list, that we have this opportunity to learn from and help that family in
what ever ways we can.

What I can offer, at this point of time, is by sharing my personal
experience of how I survived the hardship in my younger days. I termed
this "Aggressive Motivation" for the family.


Extracted from LO28556:

> Thank you Ben for trying to think of possibilities. As my decription of > the situation develops in answering to your thoughts, fellow learners may > get a better picture how precarious the situation is. I have hope for the > family, but that hope involves motivated learning. The family is just not > motivated anymore to learn further. Despite our help, they have the mental > model that their environment has made them permanent losers. I am afraid > that our own help even strengthens this mental model rather than breaking > it.

Helping the family in terms of their material needs is only reactions to the problem at hand. I called this "soft approach" to solve the problem. If you feel that your method of help do not work for them, why not try other alternatives? I had heard cases of people in similar type of poverty situation in Malaysia, another mean of motivating myself then too, of how they overcome their poverty. Soft approach to help them failed. But when someone is able to "knock" some sense into them, they "discovered" (in the sense of true awakening) their inner desire to survive thru this poverty and they did. I termed this "Aggressive Motivation".

Of course, it's a complex situation that has to be considered here. Just sharing what i can at this moment of time....

Warmest regards,

Leroy Ang <>

"Every minute, every second, Should always be filled full of hope, Just like the Morning Sun." --

"Leroy and Liyun" <>

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