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Date: 05/20/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Leroy Ang <> writes:

>I don't pity that family. Not many family has that chance,
>or i call it opportunity, to experience the extremes of life.
>If they are able to treasure this chance of a lifetime, make
>full use of it by moulding their characters to be stronger
>each day, they will be able to see success in no time.

Greetings dear Leroy,

This family is certainly experiencing the extremes of life.

To sell off one by one your wordly possesions to pay the learned doctors
treating your husband with terminal cancer is a horrible experience. It
has made this family disappointed in the virtues of learned society. This
is how they now think -- what is the good of learning when the learned act
like the better vultures?

>One's Destiny can be created by Oneself. He just need
>to be optimistic enough to think this is possible.

The woman works 12 hours a day for six days a week to earn that US$ 90 per
month. The rest of a 24 hour day she has to care for her children and find
time to sleep. There is very little time left to improve herself, even
should she had the desire to do so. She is also close to 50. How many
people still has the same zest for life at that age?

She got that job after searching for more than a year. Here in Pretoria
the unemployment is high, perhaps more than 50%. My dear wife convinced
her to face the fact that her husband was terminal ill and that life had
to on afterwards. We helped looking for a job. We found out that life is
cruel to a woman of that age having a dying husband and children to care

>Not many have the chance to sleep along the corridor
>(equavilent to those sleeping in the parks) or survived
>on 3-in-1 packet cereals for 7 full days,

This family sleeps in a caravan on the bank of river, the only place which
they could get for US$ 80. (This leaves her US$ 10 for all their
expenses.) In the winter it becomes icy cold along that river.

>I've this for that family. It accompanied me through
>the hardest times in my younger days:
>"Every minute, every second,
> Should always be filled full of hope,
> Just like the Morning Sun."

We also say to them to keep on hoping for a better job. She has no time to
search for one. So far we could not find one. Thus she is fast losing

With care and best wishes,


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