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From: Marjolaine Lalonde (
Date: 05/25/02


As I was reading in "Dance for Change", I took special interest in the
chapter on "On- line Engagement". I am completing a reflexion piece in the
framework on management post graduate studies at McGill University in
Montreal more specifically in the field of non-profit sector. My reflexion
is on the learning organization concept as it applies to my specific
organization: the Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources(CAVR).

One aspect of my reflection is about the use of computer technology and
our learning abilities. CAVR has recently developed electronic listserve
allowing for more direct communications between our webmaster basis and
members. CAVR also has a web site connecting with different other

CAVR's membership is 300 individuals located in all parts of Canada. Our
members are remunerated individuals managing volunteer resources and
volunteer programs in healthcare institutions, in arts, in municipalities,
in sports, in social and community services. We essentially screen,
select, train, coach and recognize volunteers active in all sectors in
Canada and build programs that respond to our institutional needs.

Our association provides a certification program to our members to support
their professional development; we promote the use of management tools
such as a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice developed by CAVR. We
organize annual conferences, adocate for our profession and for
educational opportunities. We also are in contact with 10 provincial
associations of managers of Volunteer resources.

We are currently conducting a national survey on volunteerrs' contribution
in our milieus, on the compliance to our standards of practice and on
educational issues.

I would appreciate to receive some ideas to stimulate my own thinking on
how our existing technology could be used or expanded to enhance our
organizational learning.

I read about computer conferencing systems and other possibilities. I am
interested in the actual tools but also on what technology can do for
CAVR. Any thoughts would help us to advance our own thinking..

I thank you for receiving this inquiry note,

Marjolaine Lalonde
Coordinator, Volunteer Support
The Montreal Children's Hospital of
The McGill University Health Centre
2300 Tupper Street, D-559
Montreal, Québec
H3H 1P3
(514) 412-4400, ext.:22764

President, Quebec Association of Administrators of Volunteer Resources

Vice-President of the Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources (CAVR)


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