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Date: 05/25/02

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John Zavacki and Rick wrote:

> Chris, to me, the work of Senge builds solidly on that of Deming. The way
> my organization works is to take the work of both, as well as that of
> Argyris and others and to build learnings and other events which recognize
> the interrelationships. The inputs to a LO are social inegities, the
> outputs are quality.
> [Host's Note: Senge and Deming had a very positive working relationship
> in the last few years of Deming's life. ..Rick]
> John

Dear Rick and some of LO list,

You might like to consult with the telephone interviews of Senge and his
friends in the book The Capitalist Philosophers by Andrea Gabor (isbn
0-8129-2820-2) for their 'interactions'.

I was also very doubtful about various approaches trying to input x and
get output y (both x and y are abstract hence it takes Newton's genius to
be a last alchemists.)

Hanching Chung
Taipei, Taiwan


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