Counter-Intuitive Rules of Learning Org LO28803

From: Terry Priebe (
Date: 07/08/02

Replying to LO28796 --

Dear DP, Andrew and LOers,

DP Dash offered "My guess: Collective Intelligence"

to the earlier question of Sensaru@aol "What is the metaphysical basis for a
Learning Organisation?"

Some discussions over the past few days with Andrew Campbell sparked a
somewhat different thought, let me offer:

    "Connective Intelligence" as the basis.

I don't mean this to be word-smithing. Approached from this angle, it's
more a process of linking the intelligence components within an
organization... each person retaining their own "intelligence" but then
being impacted individually and collectively by the cross-linking nature
of the Learning Organization.

Best Regards,


Terry Priebe


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