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From: Jim Marshall (
Date: 07/08/02

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this arena gets discussed again and again - we worry the bone so
persistently - but we don't seem to get closure or a settled account of
the phenomena.

We agree that it's only the individuals who are knowers - who are doing
the learning and thinking.

We agree that, at the organisational-level, there is some kind of
"collective" learning and understanding dynamic going on.

We aren't finding how to express the link between the two. The various
metaphors all seem to fail - and especially that pretentious one "Swarm
Intelligence", as used in a recently released book.

Is the organisational-level phenomenon most "like" the information and
other content of the "organisational culture". And if so, how does the
culture grow, adapt, learn, make mistakes etc? Where do analysts look to
describe an organisational culture?

Jim Marshall
Brisbane, Australia

> Some discussions over the past few days with Andrew
> Campbell sparked a
> somewhat different thought, let me offer:
> "Connective Intelligence" as the basis.


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