Training at Wachovia, Bank of America, Wells Fargo LO28862

Date: 07/18/02


At this time, I am hoping to get in contact with colleagues who work in
the training functions of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Wachovia who
would be willing and interested in sharing and exchanging benchmarking
data with us at the Bank of Montreal's Institute for Learning around
training trends and best practices in their respective companies.

If you work for one of these FIs and are interested, please e-mail me
off-list. If you are in a position to help establish such contacts, I'd
appreciate that also.


Jennison V. Asuncion
Project Manager, Learning Solutions
Bank of Montreal Group of Companies - Institute for Learning
Phone: 416.490.4311, Cell: 416.616.4608, Fax: 416.490.4431


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