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Date: 07/28/02


"You wrote that the word "theatre" means "to bring forward from the

Yes, so I did, do, will...
Pui l'alma acquista, pui 'l mondo perde. Michel~angelo;-)
As the spirit increases, so in proportion the world loses

" Subj: Re: Artworks
Date: 7/23/02 12:12:46 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: anjel***……
Hola Andrew.

Thank you for your note. Apologies for delay in responding - most likely
couldn't think of anything to write about until now.
As for my name. I think the spelling is an improvisation for the Indian name
Anjali. My parents could not read and write. So I think they may have
misspelt it. Anyhow my parents seem to believe it means angelic. So I have
grown up thinking that too.
I am pursuing the 'glimpse I saw' on the Sunday. I find it so fascinating and
exciting. Being there as it enfolds.
I have been following a path to look into how children from impoverished
homes and the third world could learn. Learning in situ with what they have
around them - not much resource and the children and adults' imagination.
I recently went to a SEAL (Society for Effective and Affective Learning)
conference. I stumbled onto it after completed my Trainers NLP course
(synchronicity me thinks). I attended a number of workshops, which were just
what I needed to understand. What research, discoveries have been made and
are being carried out about children learning. It was wonderful to meet
people from all over the world also interested in this subject.
Now I continue on my journey and plan towards developing learning tools for
children. I plan to do more next year when I leave my corporate role.
Your last note which mentioned At de Lange and Learning (was that
synchronicity?) Indeed I thought so, Learning to learn the very topic on my
mind. The story of learning mathematics was so appropriate and continues to
help me to go a little further to where I am going.

Many thanks

Anjelee "

(Rick, I have a picture that goes with this for LO)

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Let me say something about the birds that come to my table...if you place
sunflower seeds on the table, within a few weeks many more birds will come
to your table, there is no need to count the number, nor learn the names.
There is no reason why that number should increase unless the birds can
'speak'. Imagine if you do, can and will that birds can speak. Imagine
what the birds will speak of you, if they know you only by your table. We
have many tables and many angels fly to it, coming and going freely. The
song birds keep 'stores' of food in and around their fields of operation,
up to a dozen in varying degrees of freshness. When in need they will
visit such a store going to the freshest first.

In Africa this coming year, thirty one million people may die because they
hunger. Debaters of number and equation and equitable we knot
have our children knot have enough...have our ethics become no
more than cheap pornography when people sue MacDonalds because they cannot
control their own hunger. At, please write to us again about those devils
- whirlwinds - that arise spontaneously in the deserts around;-)

" We know every shade of change and inconstancy between us, and yet we are
sure, on a private revelation certainly, but one we will risk everything
on." Anon.




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