Angel ~ us No [v~] us, Again LO28942

Date: 07/31/02

Replying to LO28934 --

Dear At,

Thank you.

There is a hill nearby. One day a few years ago now;-) in the late summer
afternoon I was riding down-hill and home;-) and from my right where a
farmer was burning a field;-) there arose a mini tornado or whirlwind,
just as you described it, but having been born in a field ablaze with
burning wheat stubble it was full of ash and orange and yellow sparks, it
was about twenty meters high and as it ran over the field I noticed it was
going to coincide with my was fascinating to watch the
burning funnel with what looked like flames in it...but the real;-)isation
suddenly grew in me that this thing and me were going to collide...I was
caught between two desires in one moment...within tens seconds it and I
were virtually side by side, then very suddenly it collapsed, just fell
out of view I suppose as it hit the relatively cool road and edge of the
field which had sustained it. When I got home I was still amazed. Later,
the next day a man delivered a set of boxes in which was something called
a Gateway 2000 ;-) ...a different vortices with differing vertices;-) a
new field burning with angels in a variety of angles, numberless but no
longer nameless. Pinheaded;-)))))))




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