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Date: 09/09/02

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All this reminds me of the organizational taxonomy offered 20 years or so
ago by Doug Engelbart, the man who, among many other things, invented the

Engelbart classified organizations inside a business in three categories:

"A" organizations do the primary work of the business. In a manufacturing
company, "A" organizations are usually R&D, manufacturing, and sales.

"B" organizations help the "A" organizations do their tasks. These would
include such things as accounting, marketing, transaction-based
information technology and human resources, cafeteria services, and
facilities management.

"C" organizations help "A" and "B" organizations do their work better.
These would include such things as organizational development, financial
analysts, market research, and knowledge management systems.

He made these distinctions because he believed that what we should expect
from each of these categories and how we measure and manage their
activities are very different, and that we confuse ourselves a lot by
using one size fits all management systems.


G M Steyn wrote:
>Is there someone who can help me with the concept 'treble loop learning'?
>I am quite familiar with single and double loop but have not encountered
>this concept. From comments on my article it seems to be from the authors
>Senge and Agyris, but the resources I have consulted delivered nothing.


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