Who leads an anarchy? LO29248

From: Alan Cotterell (acotrel@cnl.com.au)
Date: 10/01/02

Replying to LO29243 --

Dear Jan,

I once worked for an organisation which claimed TQM as it's management
culture. However meetings were held on an informal basis, no minutes were
taken, hence no 'action points' allocated to participants. Over a long
period, nothing substantial was achieved.

There is a 'correct way' to run a meeting. In Australia all sporting,
special interest and social clubs are registered as corporations. The
Articles of Incorporation along with the Corporations Act ensures a
certain level of democracy in the proceedings. Minutes must be taken and
kept on file.

There are plenty of corporations in Australia which don't observe the
niceties or even these legal requirements. However the winds of change
are blowing

Best Regards, Alan


"Alan Cotterell" <acotrel@cnl.com.au>

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