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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 10/01/02

Replying to LO29241 --

Hello Bjørg, dear readers,

Coincedence - that opened up the path - and habit - that de(e)pend it.


Jan Lelie
facilitator mind@work

bjørg kaspersen wrote:

>I got some good input a couple of months ago when I asked for experience
>on communities of learning/practice on the web. The Learning-Org.
>Discussion Pages must be one of the best examples of this.
>Have you ever done any work on why these pages are so successful? What is
>it that you do which makes it possible for this community to last for
>years and years?
>Bjoerg Kaspersen
>Mobil: 99691636
>Tlf. 51606566 / 51521773


Jan Lelie <>

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