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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 10/15/02

Replying to LO29303 --

Dear Andrew, hello LO-reader,

Such a nice quote, what a bright light, a razor sharp observation. Is
there also something about the way to implement these kinds of discources?


Jan wrote:

>"Democracies "show up" in the give-and-take of civic discourse. The
>capacity for ongoing dialogue is the measure of a democracy's robustness
>as a system meant to operate as a marketplace of ideas. The vitality of
>that dialogue determines the woof and weft from which the societal net is
>woven that gives shape to democracy's future. Dialogue is the domain where
>values are prioritized and meaning is made. It is in those networks of
>dialogue that democracies reside, and from that realm the system's rules
>emerge. Democracies succeed to the extent that they evoke those
>relationships required to ensure that the system grants influence to those
>its operations influence."


Jan Lelie <>

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