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Date: 10/23/02

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> I seldom become angry, but my vice
> >is that i become raving mad when a leader/manager says
> >"give them this or that document so that they can learn and
> >thus become useful". I have often torpedoed what could have
> >become otherwise a learning event by losing my temper on
> >this "learning by document" issue. My tollerance for it is zero.

This statement interests and surprises me. I once chose a University on
the a sole basis (after passing certain threshold requirements) of NOT
requiring class attendance. I learn best working at my own pace reading
the text and doing the exercises provided for the class. I assume I am
not the only person in the world whom learns best in this manner. So why
be angry at the thought?

I understand your point, of course, that giving someone a document does
not guarantee SUFFICIENT learning - but it will certainly provide SOME
learning (caps for emphasis only). Further, it is probable that there is
great variance between individuals in how well they will "learn by
reading" - so I assume this is the basis of your anger: someone's
assumption that learn by reading is sufficient?

With respect,
 - Hal

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