Insights on Insight and Insight Mapping? LO29545

From: Jason Smith/EIG (
Date: 11/21/02

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Hi Martin:

Perhaps I can give you some insights about insights. Would those be
meta-insights? ;-)

For years, I have practised insight meditation. To do this, I learned a
few meditative techniques -- mostly based on improving my ability to
observe what happens around and within me; in other words, making my
mindfulness stronger. I also studied and discussed Buddhist teachings.

The insights came as I was able to connect what I could see in myself to
what appeared in the teachings.

So, my personal experience with insight meditation shows me that for
insights to occur, I had to become more mindful (observant, aware, pick
your synonym) and have a base of knowledge to which I can connect. I'm
not sure that the base of knowledge needs to be as rigorously defined as
the buddhadhamma is, and could be accumulated over months or years.

I'm also very interested in what others have to say about insight. I hope
that in some small way, this contribution of mine is helpful.

Jason Smith, Process Analyst
Economical Insurance Group
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