whispering futures LO29661

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 12/05/02

Replying to LO29643 --

Joy wrote and At replied, in part, and Don responded ending with Shaw once
famously quoted, I think, by JFKennedy.

Don, I think you are perhaps in your 'conducting a dialogue with the
future' making a very pro--found;-) statement. That would require some
profound capacity of imagination, would it knot ...?


If I said that, the future has already begun the whispering...would that
surpise you Don? For example, artists in the seventies were sending out
post cards among small networks to which each in turn;-) would amend
creatively, new art emerges, all is changed nothing diminished...(Flexus,
On Kawara, Gilbert & George)...If you take a deeper look at impressionism
as a response to technological changes you will see that, generally, in
'presencing' paradigm shifts, this place is, about, one hundred and
twenty years short of complementary fine art learning.

> To me it's not stupid at all. Also, it resonates well with Joanna Macy's
> views and work. She takes it a step farther, by "connecting" the self
> with those yet unborn. Part of preparation for action to increase
> wholeness is to "conduct a dialogue" with the future. If that's stupid,
> it makes at least 3 of us...



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