whispering futures LO29678

From: Heidi and Dan Chay (chay@alaska.com)
Date: 12/08/02

Replying to LO29661

Hi Andrew, and HelLO,

You wrote:

"I think you are perhaps in your 'conducting a dialogue with the future'
making a very pro--found;-) statement. That would require some profound
capacity of imagination, would it knot ...?"

And I found this knot for knot:

"I never got what I wanted, I always got what I did not want. What I want
I shall not get, therefore, to get it I must not want it. Since I only
get what I don't want, what I want, I can't get, what I get I don't want.
I can't get it because I want it; I get it because I don't want it. I
want what I can't get, because what I can't get is what I want. I don't
want what I can get because what I can get is what I don't want. I never
get what I want, I never want what I get."

Knots --R.D. Laing


Dan Chay


"Heidi and Dan Chay" <chay@alaska.com>

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