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Date: 12/08/02

Replying to LO29668 --

Dear At and LO

20% if the US GDP is consumed by transporation costs!

and for fast cross referencing ;-)

"Cat's Cradle, one of Vonnegut's most entertaining novels, is filled with
scientists and G-men and even ordinary folks caught up in the game. These
assorted characters chase each other around in search of the world's most
important and dangerous substance, a new form of ice that freezes at room

Strange, because when I wrote to Prigogine about my 'art and learning' and
'complexity' and 'humanitas' I did knot no ;-) that he had written a paper
of 'traffic flow', and he did not know that I practice a certain mastery
in his fields;-) ...but you'll have to read the book to get the spine
chilling 'rich picture' it all, - herein and here about, implies.


PS I think our host, Rick once used the process of 'traffic flow' to
illuminate system it still in your personal archive Rick?

[Host's Note: Yes, an article using traffic as an illustration is on the
web at ..Rick]

At de Lange wrote,
"What few consultants who sell the LO as a "treasure map" know, is that
improving this "hierarchy of needs" or "stratification of personality" for
all the members of a LO, improves its capacity to adapt radically by
self-organisation to changes in its environment. It is like driving a car.
It is one thing to drive at the highest possible speed with accelerator
pedal stepped down to the hilt, but another thing to maneuver safely
through dangerous tracks, using accelerator, clutch and break pedals. In
an ordinary organistion the management team does the driving like in a bus
while all the other members are passengers. But in a LO there are no
passengers -- they all drive the bus as one body.
Perhaps the metaphor of a bus is not appropiate. But in the old days of a
sailing ship each mate knew that what he did, was crucial to the success
of the voyage. The more the crew acted like passengers, the greater the
chance for ship-wreck."


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