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From: Vana (
Date: 03/13/03

Dear LO Friends:

I've found myself in numerous conversations the last few weeks with
intelligent and well educated people who talk about "the war."

I stop them and ask, "what war?"

"Well, the war in Iraq of course."

"Don't you mean the THREAT of war? I don't believe there is a war yet,
unless you count the war of rhetoric."

I'm surprised that these people have succumbed to the media collusion with
the American president's desire to desensitize the world to the THREAT of
war by referring to it as though it already existed. Much like video
violence desensitization processes, we have socially constructed an
alternative reality. Doing so will make it easier for the populace to
accept an ACT of war if the time comes, because in their own minds we are
already at war.

I am interested in hearing from others around the world about this
phenomenon and how active critical thinking skills are being employed (if
at all) in deconstructing the artificial reification of a war.

kind regards,

Vana Prewitt
Praxis Learning Systems


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