Socially constructed war LO30005

Date: 03/19/03

Replying to LO29997 --

Vana writes,

>I am interested in hearing from others around the world about this
>phenomenon and how active critical thinking skills are being employed (if
>at all) in deconstructing the artificial reification of a war.

So many young men of mind reading, The Art of War - it seems. For-(e)_give
me ;-)

Many more would be enwisened to read Confucius and the Analects...

There is a lot of evidence, apparently, that the Caesars were more
influenced by the cronies of the court and drinking partners than by
professional diplomats, advisors and their like ;-)

Ahhhh! But we don't learn from history, do we?

The Nine Variables: Plans and projects for harming the enemy are not
confined to any one method. Sometimes entice his wise and virtuous men
away so that he has no counsellors. Or send treacherous people to his
country to wreck his administration. Sometimes use cunning deceptions to
alienate his ministers from the sovereign. Or send skilled craftsmen to
encourage his people to squander their wealth. Or present him with
licentious musicians and dancers to change his customs. Or give him
beautful women to bewilder him.


I think we are being invited this time around to 'watch' the spectacle of
a 'slaughter' not a 'war'.

Just a passing thought - none of this is proceeding 'like an arrow', but
rather 'sideways', like a wind to all four corners.

What does the old Chinman say this time round;-)...If the people love
valor and are suffering from poverty, there will be disorder...(suffering
is always a bad policy). Vana, Americans, turn, turn...How do YOU suffer
;-) ?

I spent an hour just now watching a rose bush unfold it's branches from
tiny leafs, I once watched as it unfolded a host of tiny angels...but
that's another story...



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