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From: Gijs Houtzagers (
Date: 03/16/03

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Hi Vana,

Sorry to diappoint you but a war starts at the moment that one party has
made the decision to undertake an agressive act. You can see this by all
the preparations that person is undertaking (it is for everybody to see).
For the sake of "doing it the way we have agreed upon" some phony steps
are taken that would indicate that the person is still willing to act
otherwise than by force.

However this person cannot do otherwise than he intended in the first
place because the loss of face would be tremendous. Not only for himself
but also for his country. Aside of that the invested costs by putting over
200.000 soldiers at the place to be are a factor. So you will be seeing
the EFFECTS of this already started war within this month (sad to say).


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>I've found myself in numerous conversations the last few weeks with
>intelligent and well educated people who talk about "the war."

>I stop them and ask, "what war?"


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