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Date: 04/03/03

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One interpretation of Ellery's and Vana's comments is that violence,
tragedy, greed, and foolishness are the usual state of world affairs, with
peace, kindness, and goodwill being the exception.


> Ellery July wrote:
> >Lastly, I find this whole thread amusing while war is/was
> > taking place in
> >Africa, attempted overthrow of South America governments are
> >taking place
> >we focus here. Places where an equal number of people are
> >being killed
> >and displaced we chose to focus in on this war, what do we learn from
> >that?
> As the person who started the thread, I need to jump back in
> and say that
> I'm also amused by the intent and interest on the trauma, death, and
> danger associated with one small segment of the planet.
> People die every
> day, often from tragic and difficult situations caused by foolish and
> greedy men. I used to live in West Africa where babies died needlessly
> every year from measles. Where was the action, the demand for
> justice? I
> could list hundreds of such situations, but that is not the point.
> When I started this discussion, it was to comment on the
> media's label of
> "war" when there was no combat. This situation has now
> changed. However, I
> did notice that immediately after the war began, the media
> referred to the
> war as a "conflict", a "situation", and "what's happening."
> Once the US
> began to kill people, it was no longer a "war".
> What does that say about all this?


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