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Date: 04/04/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Nick Heap <> writes:

>I have an opportunity to create workshops to introduce
>senior people in a client company to the idea of a learning
>organisation. They have already done some work on people
>development. This workshops will delivered by the HR
>Director, who is an old established client and good friend,
>and I will be behind the scenes helping him think about the
>design and how to deliver them.
>I was wondering if you have any experiences, resources,
>useful books or stories that may help with this. I want to do
>this well. I will post back to the list what we do and what

Greetings dear Nick,

I wish you and your friend success all the way.

For what it is worth, do not try to "hard sell" the concept Learning
Organisation. Introduce the main features gradually and encourage
participants to examine/question them as they see fit. Remember that some
of them will have experience of what i call "tacit LOs". (A "tacit LO" is
an organisation which has not been formally been depicted as a LO, yet it
functions as one.) Draw as much as you can on those experiences.

With care and best wishes,


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