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From: Nick Heap (
Date: 04/03/03

Dear All

I have an opportunity to create workshops to introduce senior people in a
client company to the idea of a learning organisation. They have already
done some work on people development. This workshops will delivered by the
HR Director, who is an old established client and good friend, and I will
be behind the scenes helping him think about the design and how to deliver

I was wondering if you have any experiences, resources, useful books or
stories that may help with this. I want to do this well. I will post back
to the list what we do and what happens!

I am an independent organisation and management development consultant
working with lots of different organisations. I like to help people listen
to each other and work together better. I also do one to one work, as

A few years ago I published all my developmental articles and many tools
and designs on my website, below, they are all free for you to use if you

Best wishes,

Nick Heap
New Directions
43 Roe Green Close
Herts AL10 9PD

01707 886553 and
Web site


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