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From: John Dicus (
Date: 04/21/03

Hello LO List,

I've not written much for the last few months. Not sure why. I've been
listening. Life experiences and current events have caused many questions
to surface. Questions to which I have no satisfying answers. I suspect
they're all, in some way, interrelated more closely than I'm ready to
articulate. If you don't mind, I'd like to pose some of them to you over
a period of time. I'd like to know what you think.

I'll just pop out this question, then try to give some supporting


Why does there seem to be a presumption that people participating in a
group dialogue on LO's, leadership, teamwork, organizational change,
sustainability, Open Space, AI, etc., are strongly opposed to the war in
Iraq? Why does there seem to be a presumption that ones who may be moved
by poetry or appreciate art and other forms of beauty are strongly opposed
to said war?


I hope I'm asking a real question and not inadvertently disguising opinion
as question. I'm asking, not only because people here offer thoughtful
responses, but because I think there are important things to learn as
relates to personal and organizational growth. At least as applies to me.

Most of my thoughts manifest in yet more questions.

What things do we take as certainties or givens that may not be so certain
or given?

I don't know how I truly feel about the war. Do I think it was
necessary? Maybe. Do I sincerely wish it hadn't happened? Yes.

What does peace look like anyway? On what scale do we look? Over how
long a period of time do we observe? Is society evolving? Will/should
conflict always be a part of our existence. Does it have/need to be?

Are there elements in one's own personal life that should be defended at
high cost? Does that defense ever require an offensive posture?

Are there elements of a healthy organization that should be defended, or
even fought for, at high cost? Does that ever require/justify an
offensive stance?

What does peace look like in one's own life? In one's own

Does Organizational Learning include, or leave room for, those who may
have been strongly in favor of a war in Iraq? Does Open Space? Does
Appreciative Inquiry? If they do (or don't) then what does that say
about these concepts, disciplines and practices?

Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you.

Warm regards,

John Dicus


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