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Date: 04/21/03

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At 11:54 PM -0400 20/4/03, (learning-org-diges wrote:
>As I said I'm just getting back to my studies but the past three years
>have given me a chance to step back from the literature and see some of
>the connections I had not previously been able to identify.
>I'd welcome thoughts on the above - it is very much work in progress.

Oh really interesting stuff and sorry about the stuck record but I'd now
really recommend you contact the WEB Research guys. I now also think you
need to look seriously at CHAT as well as system dynamics. CHAT will
allow you structure explore deeper explanations than system dynamics would
do on its own. I have some crude explanations of CHAT on my website
resources section, but can suggest other places to learn if you are

Meantime contact the WEB Research guys.



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