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Date: 04/22/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Bill Harris <> writes:

>Don, welcome back. You may want to check in with what
>Jack Whitehead is doing at the University of Bath
>( )

Greetings dear Bill,

Thank you for the URLs.

The one quoted above concerns the University of Bath. I find it
significant that whenever i do a web search on creativity or authentic
learning, the names of some universities figure far more than those of
others. The UoB is one of them.

I liked Jack Whitehead's contribution at
< >
He openly admits his gratitude to other novel thinkers in
"making a creative and critical response to the idea of living
educational theory." He supplies many URLs too.

I would like to add four more names. They are Goethe, AN Whitehead, A
Koestler and D Boehm. Their works contain many jewels which can assist in
a "living educational theory".

With care and best wishes


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