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Date: 04/17/03

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> I left the Learning Organization mailing list nearly three years ago when
> I was appointed to my current position as Headteacher/Principal of Dunbar
> Grammar School (a Scottish secondary school.)
> I have been using the principles of learning organizations as a guide to
> my behaviour and am glad to report it seems to have been very successful
> to date.
> I'm picking up my Ph.D thesis (which I had stepped back from when
> appointed to this job) entitled "The School as a Learning Organization:
> >From Theory to Practice" One of the things I'd like to do is to create a
> model of the change process in schools using the systems dynamics
> approach. Does anyone know of work undertaken in this field?

Don, welcome back. You may want to check in with what Jack Whitehead is
doing at the University of Bath ( Also,
check out the "Connect with Others" section on
There are a few people there interested in LOs and education.

As for system dynamics and change in schools, the closest thing that
comes to mind are things like the System Dynamics in Education Project
( is a good place to
look for anything system dynamics related. I might encourage you to
think more in terms of the problem you'd be trying to address rather
than modeling the system. I (and others) have found it more
productive to model a problem and less so to model a system.

So, what is the problem you're interested in?


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