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From: Ellery July (
Date: 06/02/03

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That balance of experience vs. research is a tipping point that I think
about daily. It seems to me that many times we use research to back up our
experiences. We tip toward our experiences. Then we generalized those
experiences to the world around us. The real danger of that generalization
is that we begin to see things outside of that realm as bad/destructive.

High levels of conflicts is never good and low level of conflict should
not be ignored but all parties should remain with an eye on the prize. If
that happens usually all parties will come away winning (albeit some
bigger winners then others).

Your comments have got me thinking about Emotional Intelligence and
Learning in this regard. The days in which my EI is high do I think I tip
more toward experience (is that a sign of my ego?).

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>From: AM de Lange []

>You have touched upon something important -- the relationship between
>experience and research.


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