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From: Nugroho HP (
Date: 06/12/03

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Dear orglearners,

I received this topic in my inbox, then I wondering what kind of mentoring
that really make different in our learning. Refer to AM de Lange wrote:
"Mentoring is also not a modern practice. It was practised commonly in
ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian and even African civilisations. In
medieval times it was made the cornerstone of many a university's
educational program."

So, it was perform by our 'granny' in their circumstances. If that so... I
am sure that might be any specific pattern or formula in our literatures.
Basically, I'm not quite familiar with mentoring. Is this different with
leadership patterns, and what we have to prepare? Also, in our personal
mastery, how to build competencies to match with mentoring skills?

Thanks for enlightening.



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