Working Smarter vs. Working Harder LO30254

Date: 06/12/03

Replying to LO30245 --

Hello Steve, dear felLOw antz,

Through The Looking Glass rewritten: "Now here , you see, it takes all the
cunning you can manage, to keep in the same place. If you want to get
somewhere else, you must be at least twice as smart as that".

Good insight there Jan and Steve. Aaah the essence of paradox.

It is always fascinating!

I am reminded of Jack Welch after his "neutron Jack" days were over and he
had earned the right to stay on at GE as CEO. He eventually mellowed and
bought into the leadership and empowerment model when reporters asked:

"Why do you tolerate the fact that two of your major divisions have not
yet embraced your philosophy. Why don't you insist on compliance?" The
irony of the stupidity of the question was lost on most readers. The
paradox is that you can never insist on

100% compliance as long as you embrace leadership and empowerment.
Compliance lives in the Command and Control world.... enjoy, Keith


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