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From: j tigger (s_drs@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/19/03

Hi everyone

HI EVERYONE THAT REMEMBERS ME! You have always been at the back of my mind
even though I have not been able to write in etc. for a while.


TO ALL THOSE ANEW - hello there!

Well, in the time I have been away, I have analysed, re-organised,
changed, and stirred the organisation called joy in a new direction yet

As some of you might recall I was going through a lot in full time
employment at a personal level - ethics, confrontation, etc.

I resigned! I feel in a way I failed...as I was not able to contribute to
that organisation and change. But then in my leaving, i contributed to
change - even though small - joy being gone was a change right? :)

Since then, I have - *trumpets* - started my own Business Consulting Firm.
It is called SO:C Consultants LTd. - the O with a : is the phonetic
converting O: to the sound AU... hence SO:C Consultants is pronounced
SAUCY Consultants :). Speaks volumes. It's different. Its about me and my
philosophy. No one to push me into a corner. No politics. No stiffling of
creativity! YAY!

It stands for Systems and Organisational Change Consultants Ltd.. Yup. I
have a fair few contracts keeping me busy 100 or more hours a week (7days
a week). I have 4-5 casual employees already - that's how busy its
getting. Its been3-4 months only. I am so happy and satisfied

I find myself buzzing with this 'high', creating soooo much anew,
bursting, infact almost hard to keep up with myself!

My projects range from IT implementation for Councils (business
analysis/Project Coordination) to Policy planning etc. in the health
sector to the Building, construction industries - actual business
re-engineering both process and overall. It's great! All my clients are
happy so far and business is coming in through word of mouth alone.

Did i mention i feel - mentally - at peace - and yet in turmoil of
cretivity run amock?

Well - yes. This is where Joy Vatsyayann is today. Who knows about
tomorrow but from this experience I know one thing for sure - I know I can
do it! *tears in eyes* A lot of internal rebuilding to do since my last
full time job but... i can see ahead. that's a lot!

I feel empowered. I feel alive professionally. To be able to use all the
thoughts, philosophies and ideas that have been swimming inside my head
since i was 5 (yes, that early!) and being able to almost be like a
psychologist helping people understand not just their business, but life.
its great.

to be a part of everyone's personal journey.

The clients are coming in without me going out. from word of mouth. They
see the difference.

I am glad I can be a change agent finally!

Well enough of my ramblings :)

Thanks everyone for letting me have this opportunity to say howde again. I
think part of my strength came from all the people I know through this
chain. To know the 'well of souls' from a similar journey gives one
strength to go on. Don't know how to explain it but i am sure those of you
this is meant for will understand....*tearful again*

Now I can get back to reading the chain and hopefully contributing again

Love, blessings and regards,

Joy Vatsyayann
SO:C Consultants
Hamilton 2001
New Zealand


[Host's Note: Welcome back, Pixie Delite! ..Rick]


"j tigger" <s_drs@hotmail.com>

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