I'm back note from Pixie (Joy) LO30482

From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 08/21/03

Replying to LO30472 --

Hello Joy,

It is very very nice to hear from you again. In the past I now and then
becam somewhat sorrowful of your contributions. But a couple of months ago
I thought "what a strange tickling in my feet, what is it?" Now I know, it
was you on the other side of the earth! ;-)

Those who have experienced what a dramatic change could be, are the best
advisors. Those who know it from theory have still a lot to learn. I must
admit that also I should become acostomed to your metamorphosis, because I
remember you still as Pixie.

Stay joyful

Leo Minnigh


"leo minnigh" <minnigh@dds.nl>

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