End LO30514

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 08/27/03

"....I am preparing a departure...

Andrew Campbell

I will be pulling some of the loose thread together after meeting with the
angels ;-) "

Dear Rick Karash's learning-org,

The threads are in. i quit this place today and all the human associations
with it, with only one exception and there is no prize for guessing who
that door remains open to and for. There is no reason in this that anyone
should write here about it, or to me personally. indeed for a long time i
do not wish to receive messages at all, they would be anyway like wounds
upon wounds. There is no doubt that i will read in this place for some
time, there are things and people here of inter-est to me in the short
medium and long term.


Andrew Campbell
North Moreton

Formerly 'Angel Meadow', Oxford

[Host's Note: Andrew, I am very sorry to see you go. All I can do is to
wish you the best and thank you for your contributions. .. Rick]



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