Why are we living? LO30772

From: Ray Evans Harrell (mcore@nyc.rr.com)
Date: 11/10/03

Replying to LO30766 --

To learn.

There are those that will climb the mountain and those who drive to
the top in their automobiles. A weather tough mountain in the White
Mountains is Mount Washington. It has a drive up. If you climb it,
you climb into a parking lot. People who are "into" cost effective,
drive up. People who want to learn and develop their being go slow
enough to learn the mountain and let their body acclimate to the
terrain. Not long ago a man climbed Everest first ever solo and did
it with no oxygen equipment. He began the climb at the Bay of Bengal
instead of at the base camp. It took him longer but he was ready.
The baby doesn't know there is a world out here but it has been given
a guide to make sure that it is ready. Today I don't need a guide to
know that I must learn and experience that learning to the fullest to
be "ready."

Ray Evans Harrell


"Ray Evans Harrell" <mcore@nyc.rr.com>

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