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From: McConnell, George (UK) (george.mcconnell@baesystems.com)
Date: 11/11/03

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Fellow Learners,

This is a question that I, like I guess many others, have asked myself
many times. It may be a bit of a kop out, but I have come to the
conclusion that the only real answer is "I don't know". The question
belongs to that class which has no (ultimately) satisfactory answers.

Let me justify this a little. As I look back over my life I can see
many instances where something happened to me, or I was made aware of
something/someone or learned something, that later was 'significant'
in another, quite separate, incident. A trivial example... As an
enthusiastic amateur French Horn player I had the great pleasure of
attending an event in Vienna, Austria to celebrate the centenary of
the Wienerwaldhornverein. This gave me the opportunity, not only to
hear, meet and play with some of the world's greatest horn players but
also to experience the lovely city of Vienna and learn a bit of the
language. A few years later I found myself going to live and work in
Vienna, which as a result of my previous visit was a 'familiar' place
rather than a strange place.

There are many such 'coincidences' or 'serendipities' that are
scattered through my life - the point being that the teacher at my
school who said "you'll make a good horn player" had no idea that by
giving me that instrument they would spark my interest in music of all
kinds and, specifically, horn playing that would lead me to Vienna on
holiday as a preparation for living there. Equally, I am sure that I
have 'touched people's lives' in perhaps quite fleeting or trivial
ways at the time, but which has assisted them in something that they
have achieved, perhaps much later. However... I don't know! One of
these encounters might well be the answer to "why are we living" - or
rather "why am I living".

I do believe that there must be an answer to "why are we living".
However, I also believe that the question is too vast for us to ever
get to grips with anything other than a small part of the answer. I
do believe that part of the reason that At is living is to enlighten
us on this list, but I would hesitate to say that that was his only
purpose in life. We all interact with so many people over our
lifetimes that it is impossible to imagine the repercussions of even
the most insignificant acts - who knows what response this email will
have, for instance? This web of complex interactionsis happening for
some purpose, but it is beyond me to answer "why are we living".

That doesn't stop me thinking about it! It doesn't stop me trying to
better achieve that purpose. It does mean that I can never be sure
that my actions are the 'right' ones in terms of the "big picture"
because I am sure that we are all "touching the elephant" in terms of
our perception of that "big picture".

Sorry this is a bit long, but I hope it is a little bit of help to


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> From: Fred Nickols [SMTP:nickols@worldnet.att.net]
> Glad to have you back, At, and I'm looking forward to what I believe
> will be a new stream of thoughts. As for your basic question, I, too,
> have been pondering that question (although without having to pass
> through any experience as harrowing as your bout with pneumonia).
> I'll share with you what I believe.
> I believe we are all here to accomplish something. Finding that
> something and accomplishing it is the essence of living.


"McConnell, George (UK)" <george.mcconnell@baesystems.com>

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