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From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 01/07/04

Replying to LO30855 --

Mark writes in LO30855:
> Dear Dwig:

> Always a pleasure to hear from you. Lest there be any doubt of my
> allegiances, Karl Popper's epistemology has always been at the root of
> my thinking in Knowledge Management and OL. Thank you for quoting
> him.

And thank you (and your respondents) for the very interesting thread
on knowledge/information. I have some thoughts I'll contribute when I
have some time to organize them. For now, just a question:

> Popper advised (and I agree) that we should avoid "like the plague"
> disputes over what we mean by the term 'truth.' Instead, we should ask the
> simple question of whether "there cannot be such a thing as the
> correspondence between a statement and a fact." Like him, I believe there
> can be.

Hmm, I think I understand what a statement is. What's a fact? In
particular, is it something other than a statement?

In fact, best regards,


Don Dwiggins "The teacher is not one who has lived and the student one who is going to live, but that both are living now, in the present, that it should be fresh life meeting fresh life." -- Mary Parker Follett

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