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Date: 01/09/04

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Just a thought: facts are events that occur "in the world," which can
be apprehended through the five senses. Meaning exists only in our
minds, not in events, which have no inherent meaning.

We tend to make up a meaning for events in our minds, then attribute
the meaning to the events, and then act as if we discovered the
meaning as inherent in the events. Our certainty about the truth
comes from what appears to be discovering the truth in the world, we
can point to it, "Look, can't you see that ...."

In fact, the meaning we give events is usually "a truth," only one
possible interpretation out of many for the event.

The problem is that we confuse "a truth" with "the truth," attributing
meaning with discovering meaning.

Have a great 2004.

Morty Lefkoe

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> Hmm, I think I understand what a statement is. What's a fact? In
> particular, is it something other than a statement?


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