The Competence awareness model LO30914

From: Tracy Russell (
Date: 01/25/04

I know this is an old thread, however there seems to be some confusion
about where the model originates. This source is the earliest I have
seen referenced, and may help.

Raiman, Melvyn L. "The Identification and Hierarchical Classification
of Competencies and Objectives of Student Teaching in Music through a
Partial Delphi Survey." Ph.D. diss., The University of Connecticut,

T I Russell BA (Hons)
Regional Training Officer MOD(UK)

[Host's Note: This has been a really interesting thread over the past
six years. Tracy, and others, I recommend you read

..and then see what you think. I'm persuaded that the four-part
distinction originated in Gordon Training International by an unnamed
staffer who wrote it into one of their manuals. ..Rick]


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