Creativity and Imagination LO31020

Date: 03/20/04

Replying to LO31004 --

I have been quiet on the list for a while, but as usual insights from
At reel me into the arena once more. I love imagination!
Unfortunately, for imagination to join reality, it takes much least that is how it works for me. The insights, depth
of thought and previous readings (study) that a number of people in
this forum have...... is always impressive.

Much of my creative insight happens when I sleep. Lynn, my soulmate,
laughs at the notepad I keep by the bedside for jotting down these
precious thoughts when they arrive. The other way it happens is more
evolutionary. I just put together a two hour executive session that
will run as a net meeting next Wednesday on Lean Manufacturing and Six
Sigma. The first thing I had to do was go back over old materials,
presentations and eclectic notes; then throw a presentation together.
Once I have something concrete in front of me, it is easier to relax
and begin to let new ideas and new organization of the material flow.

It takes several iterations to arrive at a finished product.
Hopefully more dream thoughts "popping" up along the way and trying to
imagine the flow of the ideas and conversation that could take place.
The hardest part seems to be letting go. Reducing the information to
eliminate redundancy (which I have much of) and to make it flow.
Perhaps I will have to apply At's metaphor of water flow to the sea
from the mountains and see if it fits.

Just a couple "mini" thoughts on this topic. Leaving the deep
insights to you great thinkers (said out of envy, not jest).

Best wishes to all,
Michael Bremer (a new site we are playing with.....your feedback
and imaginative thoughts would be appreciated)


interesting quote from another list

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been
in bed with a mosquito."
Bette Reeves also heard this was an "old" African Proverb

PS wish me luck, this is our first E-Meeting, should be fun


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