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Date: 03/22/04

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> I have been quiet on the list for a while, but as usual insights from
> At reel me into the arena once more. I love imagination!
> Unfortunately, for imagination to join reality, it takes much
> least that is how it works for me. The insights, depth
> of thought and previous readings (study) that a number of people in
> this forum have...... is always impressive.


You gave some good examples. Here are some more:

  When I was in high school journalism class, I heard a well-respected,
  satirical columnist for my home-town newspaper say that writing was
  _hard_ work. When the words flowed easily, he knew his writing wasn't
  worth anything. It was only when he was struggling and rewriting that
  he could produce the seemingly light satire readers enjoyed.

  I worked for a manager once who was allergic to "dry runs" in advance
  of presentations. He claimed to do all of his presentations off the
  cuff, and he'd say he'd purposefully do a different presentation in
  the live event from the dry run if he were ever forced into doing dry
  runs. As he was arguably the best at doing business presentations
  that we had, he mostly got his way.

    After working with him for a while, I noticed that he was indeed
    doing dry runs perpetually. When he would talk with people around
    the coffee pot, when he would walk out to the parking lot with
    people at night, whenever he'd be talking with people, he'd be
    listening to others and talking about the big issues that concerned
    him. Each of those informal conversations was a dry run for the
    very creative formal business presentations he made.

  If I want to foster my creativity, I find walking to be excellent. I
  start with hard work, and then I take a break to take a walk. I might
  well drop a pencil and pad of paper in my pocket for the ideas that
  come to me. I take inspiration from perhaps the original in this


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