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From: systhinc Zavacki (systhinc@msn.com)
Date: 05/20/04

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I hate the concept of social disease. But I know only that some die,
some don't. I rely on statistics only when they mean something.
Death is interesting, suffering is not. Knowledge is the only cure.
There are so many of us who know about potential causes of death but
are "Menschlich, allzu Menschlich" in the words of Nietzsche, that we
ignore knowledge in order to live in the way we are accustomed to do

How do we teach compassion?


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> Dear Philip,
> - i currently have a young friend who is a senior nurse at a leading
> teaching hospital in London. She was wondering, being quite relatively
> young, if she should apply for a senior post in her specialism (HIV)
> working with young children (paediatrics). My thoughted feeling then
> was ''yes'', and ...if she did not get the post, well, it would serve
> as a preparation for the next time.


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