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Tue, 1 Apr 1997 23:18:24 -0400 (AST)

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Hi there,

Why don't you check out AIESEC's web page <> . I
won't go on on explaining what AIESEC is, but they deal with
multiculturalism and cultural understanding. They've a publication call
the International Link, and if I'm not wrong, two editions ago they dealt
with this topic.

If this was of any help, please drop a line and tell me about it.

Have fun,

P.S. I was national president of AIESEC in Bolivia last year :)

>Currently I am working on a presentation about globalization of economy,
>and need information theoretical or case study about performance and
>problems to accomplish works with persons from different culture or

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[Host's Note: AIESEC is the "International Assoc. of Students in Economics
and Business", roughly translating the French language acronym. They have
an international traineeship exchange program and other activities. I had
the honor of serving this fine organization some years ago and my younger
sister enjoyed a traineeship. ...Rick]

-- (Mauricio Parra)

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