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Sun, 13 Apr 1997 13:12:02 +1200

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>I'm no expert in it, but I've heard of and read a bit about Search
>Conferences as a process or tool to do what you're trying to do. You
>might find something on them by Emery (either of the Emery's --- they're
>married) or from others.

Bill's comment is timely. Not so much because of his acknowledgement of
Search Conference (which in my experience, like Future Search, is more
powerful as an action tool than a visioning tool), but because Fred Emery
died last Thursday morning. All of those on the LO newsgroup, whether
they ever used Fred's stuff, or had even heard of him, owe a debt to the
man and his ideas. Without him the whole concept of learning
organisations (and for that matter Future Search as Wiesbord actively
acknowledges) might well have been differerent.




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