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John H. Dicus (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 06:41:55 -0400

In reading LO13176 from Terri Deems ( regarding Maslow's
"hierarchy of needs":

And in thinking about Maria Pichler's ( question
in LO13177 about whether technology begets organizational change or

I am reminded of how many times I have forgotten to think in "BOTH-AND"
terms rather than "EITHER-OR" terms.

When I was first introduced to some of Maslow's work, the teacher moved me
deeply when he suggested that we may cycle through that "hierarchy"
repeatedly in our lifetimes. Perhaps the first cycle is accomplished by
the time we are 2-3 years old. Middle-age crisis could be another cycle.
Organizations as well as individuals cycle through.

An important thing I remember is that the learning process seems to be
better represented by a "spiral" than a "straight line continuum." We
cycle through familiar concepts, values, principles, and structures with
new context, additional life-experience... and our insights get deeper.

What if the answer to the question "whether technology or organization
leads" is "Yes - both." I do, however, have a strong belief that the
internet/intranet could be a good teacher of self-organization if we would
allow it to be.

Just pondering..

John Dicus

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