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Wed, 16 Apr 1997 08:15:39 -0800

Replying to LO13224 --

Reponse to John H. Dicus's disussion on the above topic.

"....many times I have forgotten to think in "BOTH-AND" terms
rather than "EITHER-OR" terms. "

Indeed "either-OR" "This or That" "Yes or No" "Ying or Yang"
"True or False" "Good or Bad" imply a a fundamental assumption
that the whole world is divided in two domains ONLY.

But the World is a living organism,
not machine or computer binary system of
"0" or "1" ; "On" or "OFF", "True" or "FALSE".

"Two Domain" Thinking, I think, restrict thinking, stifle
creativity and loosing synergy opportunity.

Thinking in term of "Both-And" and more importantly the
Interrelationship, Interconnectivity and Interdependency
in between will certainly bring in a new dimension and

Just a point of view.


Andrew Wong
Organization Observer and Thinker


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