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> I have been reading my way through books on Learning Organizations
> trying to restructure my own thought processes and keep hearing people
> mention books by Chris Argyris. I have ordered one called--
> Overcoming Organizational Defenses: Facilitating Organizational
> Learning (I work with a fairly defensive group of people).
> Can anyone recommend any other books by him (or others)?

Jim(and other LOers): you may consider " On Organizational Learning" by
Argyris. It pulls together previous published articles. The magazine
"Training and Development" Dec 1996 has a fine article with a bunch more
leads on LOs. And of course just plug in "learning
Organizations" and you'll see over 30 books, some with comments.

Like yourself, I work some folks that are pretty defensive too. However,
I see a light at end of the tunnel; hopefully its not train.



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