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Dear everyone and especially, Yvonne (LO13473)

I am new to the list. I will introduce myself and respond to Yvonne's

I am a over-weight, middle aged, white, American male (for the part of us
that needs sterotypes) working for my wife's and my own company in The
Netherlands. Imaginal Training, the company, has for its largest client
the Training Department of the Dutch telephone company. We also do work
with other Dutch multinationals and NGO's

I have been involved in organizational change, development, transformation
since the mid 1960's. I have been living and working outside the USA
since 1976. We have lived in India, Hong Kong, Japan, Peru, Italy,
Belgium and The Netherlands. Senge and other's work on the Learning
Organization helped me organize my thinking about organiztional change.
Of course, their prestige also gave ligtimacy to my thinking.

I am in the process of finalizing a self assessment tool for the
International Training Depatment. The tool focuses only on delivery of
services: training, coaching, consulting, etc. The most useful book in
this area has been Robinson and Robinson's book on Performance Consulting,
(sorry I don't have it in front of me to give a more precise description.)

Jon C. Jenkins
Imaginal Training
Groningen, The Netherlands

Name: Jon C. Jenkins
E-mail: (Jon C. Jenkins)
Date: 08/03/95
Time: 17:42:04


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