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Simon, you wrote:

>I am currently writing a detailed report on customer service: what it is,
>why it goes wrong, how to avoid it, how to introduce the incentives and
>independence that allow non-routine requests to be met in downstructured
>environments, introducing customer service charters and so on.
>I now have a lot of this in place but I have not referred to any outside
>sources. Can anyone recommend good customer service books? I appreciate
>your help.


I am a research analyst with the Hindu Business Line, one of the top
business dailies in India. As a research analyst, I research AND produce
three publications for the group: 1)Catalyst -- a weekly supplement on
business and strategy 2)Urban Pulse -- a research driven biannual on
consumer segments and 3) Praxis -- a Quarterly journal on management.

The latest issue of Praxis (October 1997) focussed on `Managing Your
Customers'. However, you might find some interesting inputs on customer
service. I would suggest that you go through the three case studies
presented and the articles by Mr Inbasekeran and Prof John C. Camillus.

The magazine is available on the internet at

Please acknowledge receipt of this message. In case you have difficulty in
accessing Praxis, send me your mailing address and I shall mail you the
printed version.

N Nagaraj


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