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Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:41:55 EST

Replying to LO16546 --

In LO16546 Rick Karash mentioned the:

>need to better understand and document the
>linkages between organizational learning and business results

I've wondered if it is possible to assess the learning side of this
without reference to the business results that were achieved. I'm not
sure it makes sense to seperate these two.

If I wanted to assess the impact of OL on the achievement of a business
result, I'd start by looking deeply at the nature of the result achieved
and see what clues are provided about the processes that brought it about.
I'd be wary of starting with the learning processes and trying to make a
forward linkage to the business result - it's too easy this way to invent
causes that may not have had anything to do with the result.

I'd also keep in mind success has many parents, failure is usually an
orphan. So I'd look at a number of instances where the results were not
achieved - and ask what that (lack of) performance says about the kinds of
organizational learning process that were - or were not -in place.

Bob Tomasko


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